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Al-Ruwad Human Resources Services Center

The Human Resources management makes sure to employ the best human resources available, and to benefit from their competencies, capabilities and expertise in their field, for their competencies reflect on the institution and influences its ability to achieve its goals. Thus, Al-Ruwad Human Resources Services Center worked on establishing the principles that help clients to optimally benefit from each individual that enters the labor field through the Human Resources management. These principles include planning, choosing, training, motivating and all aspects related to the required human element. This aims at employing him/her in the field most suitable for his/her potential to produce, and thus at developing all sectors that are offered with these services. Al-Ruwad Human Resources Services Center:
Our center has been operating in this field since the foundation of the company. It acquired more than thirteen years of experience in providing working power under the management of a highly experienced team with deep knowledge of the requirements of the Kuwaiti labor market. It collaborates with more than 500 clients in various public and commercial sectors such as: • Medical institutions • Factories • Commercial institutions • Educational institutions • Ministries • Various companies and organizations The Center always seeks to stay up-to-date with developments so it can offer its services to a wide range of sectors in Kuwait. Our services aim to execute the goals assigned to us such as: • Analyzing the employments offered by our clients and studying each one of them • Gathering competent people and recruiting the most suitable for the vacancy in question • Training human resources according to specific programs and plans • Evaluating the performance of candidates and choosing the most suitable for the vacancy in question • Motivating the employees to work seriously in order to optimally benefit from their production potential • Increasing employees’ satisfaction and sense of self-accomplishment • Contributing in preserving behavioral policies and work ethics. Our center is also distinguished by offering all its services in a way to satisfy all clients. We aim at enhancing its development and prosperity so it collaborates with all public and private institutions inside Kuwait.

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